Welcome to the audio guide for the exhibition New Ages: Austria since 1918. This audio guide takes you to fifteen stations and gives insight into Austria’s more recent history with a focus on democratic processes. It also deals with questions involving human rights and fundamental rights.

You are now in the entrance hall of the museum where you see a reception desk. To the left of this desk you will find black portable chairs. Feel free to take one along with you.

The listening time for this audio guide is around 45 minutes. At the end of each station, the audio guide will automatically pause so you have time to take a closer look. When you are ready to continue, simply press play. The stations included in this audio guide are marked with a violet headphone icon. If you like, you can also read along with the text on your mobile phone.

The museum’s education team has created this audio guide for you. My name is Julie McCarthy. My name is Dave Dempsey. Our voices will accompany you on your journey through the exhibition.

To the right of the reception desk is the entrance to the exhibition—please enter through the doorway now.